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The impacts of Erasmus+ professional development periods for teachers in schools

The European Union’s Erasmus+ programme funds international activities, such as international mobility projects of pupils, students and teachers. For teachers in day-care centres and schools, mobility means professional
development activities abroad. In practice, this means different training periods as well as job-shadowing colleagues or teaching assignments in foreign partner schools.

Each year, around 800 Finnish teachers participate in the Erasmus+ professional development periods. The professional development projects are planned to answer to the schools' needs. In this way, instead of just benefiting individual teachers, projects will have an impact on schools as a whole. The professional development should also be linked to schools’ curricula and strategies and their development.

International study on the impacts of professional development

In 2016, Finland was a partner in a study which looked at how well the aims of the programme had been achieved in schools' professional development projects and what impact they had had on school communities. The survey Impact and Sustainability of the Erasmus+ Programme Key Action 1 Mobility Projects for School Education Staff was coordinated by the Erasmus+ National Agency of Lithuania, and the other partners were Poland, Germany and Estonia.

Each country first conducted a national study, and a transnational report comparing and bringing together the national results will be published later in 2017. The Finnish National Agency for Education (until 2016 the Centre for International Mobility CIMO) was responsible for conducting the study
in Finland.

The study looks at the effectiveness of professional development projects from the viewpoint of both teachers and principals as well as pupils and parents, a perspective not often studied before in Finland. The data was collected through a survey.

Key results of the study

National results from Finland as graphics

National results from Finland in publications

International findings

Impact and Sustainability of the Erasmus+ Programme Key Action 1 Mobility Projects for School Education Staff