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Hidden Competences

Hidden Competences is a research project carried out in cooperation with the Nordic think tank Demos Helsinki. The original report Piilotettu osaaminen (Hidden Competences), available in Finnish, was published in 2013.

The key findings of the report were published in English with the title Hidden Competences (Faktaa – Facts and Figures, 1/2014).

In 2014 we also published a useful set of tools and materials for recognizing international competences. There are tools available for both students, teachers, guidance counsellors and international coordinators in both Finnish, Swedish and English.

The key findings of the research project were, that while students estimate international experiences as useful in future working life, employers do not emphasise international competences in recruitment still today. At the same time, global megatrends are slowly changing most industries and work environments, and this is recognised also by employers. Our societies are more and more highlighting the need for global know-how. So, somehow there also seems be an emerging demand for a new understanding of international competences.

The report Hidden Competences introduces such an extended understanding of international competences. While language skills, cultural knowledge and tolerance have often been understood to be at the basis of international competences, three new factors emerged through this research work. The extended understanding of international competences encompasses productivity, resilience and curiosity. These three extensions to the traditional understanding of term, depicts current notions of employers in regards to what the future or working life and international competences could be perceived as.

The report Hidden Competences brings together the full spectrum of the learning outcomes of an international exchange or experience, at the same time as they pin-point skills and competences that might be high demand in the future.

Tools and materials for use

Quiz: Easy and fun quiz to test what kind of international skills you have

What kind of international competences do you have?

Toolkits for students

These toolkits help the students to better understand and recognize their international competences.

Material for teachers, guidance counsellors and international coordinators

This material explores the significance of international competences in the changing world and in the future labour market.

Recognise your international competences!

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Faktaa Facts and figures 1/2014: Hidden Competences publication summarises the results of the research project.

Additional charts based on the survey of students and employers (pdf)

Erasmus+ launch conference in Helsinki (June 11th, 2014)