Studies, analyses and evaluations

Our study, analysis and evaluation team supplies facts and figures on internationalisation. The team produces information and knowledge to help in the planning and development of international cooperation. The team keeps track of the international student mobility in Finnish institutions of education and conducts surveys on the international dimension and on other current issues of international collaboration in different fields.

Annual statistics on mobility

European collaboration on education is steered by the Bologna process of higher education and by the Copenhagen process of vocational education and training. Both processes identify the enhanced mobility of students and staff as a key objective to be facilitated. In Finland, the Ministry of Education and Culture has also set national goals to enhancing international mobility.

In this work, facts and figures are crucial, illustrating the trends, volumes and distribution of mobility between the different actors. As a response to the need for knowledge and information, we have compiled and published annual statistics on international mobility in general education since 2012-2013, in vocational education and training since 2008,in higher education since 1998 and in adult education since 2015.

To complement our own data collection, we also compile and publishe other statistics on international mobility.


Facts Express series summarises the key findings of our studies in compact pdf format.

FAKTAA – Facts and Figures is a series of publications which present the results of our study, analysis and evaluation team. The publications are available both in print and as pdf documents, some also in English.

The full research reports (only in pdf) are available in the series Facts and Figures (Tietoa ja tilastoja), mostly in Finnish.

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Research Manager Irma Garam

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Research Manager Siru Korkala

  • Adult and general education, vocational training, youth work
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