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Facts and figures -report 4b/2016: International mobility in Finnish higher education institutions in 2015: student exchanges

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Statistics on pupil and student mobility 2014

Statistics on international pupil and student mobility in Finnish general education, vocational education and training and higher education in 2014:

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Statistics on internationalisation

International mobility of students and education professionals

We publish statistics on international mobility of students and education professionals in Finland. Statistics are collected from schools, vocational institutions, higher education institutions and adult education organisations.

Student mobility covers degree students who complete their whole degree abroad and exchange students who only complete a part of their degree abroad. By mobility, we also mean study visits, practical training and work placements abroad.

Data on degree studies is collected by Statistics Finland (international students in Finland) and Kela – the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Finnish students receiving Finnish student benefit abroad).

Mobility of teaching and other education professionals can include trips and preparatory visits relating to cooperation projects, further trainingand teaching, and other work-related visits abroad. The Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture collects data on mobility of university teachers and researchers in its Vipunen database.

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