Photo: Satu Haavisto

Higher education institutions supporting immigrants

These pages contain information on the support measures for immigrants provided by higher education institutions. Some of the support consists of SIMHE services (Supporting Immigrants in Higher Education in Finland) funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

The role of the Finnish National Agency for Education has been to share information on available resources. In addition, Finnish higher education institutions can send applications to the Finnish National Agency for Education for licenses of linguistic training to distribute to refugees and asylum seekers in Finland and IIE Scholar Rescue Fund fellowships for Syrian and Iraqi researchers’ teaching and research periods in Finland.

Support by the Finnish National Agency for Education

OLS for Refugees – kielenopetusta verkossa pakolaisille ja turvapaikanhakijoille

The Erasmus+ Online Linguistic Support (OLS) was introduced in 2016 as a three-year period for refugees and asylum seekers. The purpose of OLS for Refugees is to support the European Union Member States in integrating refugees into the European education system. Finnish higher education institutions and vocational educational institutions can distribute licenses for refugees and asylum seekers that the education institutions apply from the Finnish National Agency for Education.

The initiative is explained in this video portraying the initiative in action with volunteer students and local organisations at the University of Namur in Belgium.

Commission's Erasmus+ OLS site

Scholar Rescue Fund

The Scholar Rescue Fund programme of the Institute for International Education IIE based in the US offers scholars who are threatened or persecuted in their home country the chance to continue their work in a safe environment. Finland joined the programme in 2016. In Finland, the focus is especially on Syrian and Iraqi researchers in the early stages of their academic careers doing their research and teaching periods in Finnish higher education institutions.

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