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Faktaa - Facts and Figures 1/2014: Hidden Competences

Vast amount of skills and competences developed through international experiences go unrecognised

International skills and competences, developed through international experiences during study or practical training, are an asset on the labour market. Or so we assume. But do we know this?

In 2012–13, CIMO and the think tank Demos Helsinki examined how employers rated the skills and knowledge acquired through international experiences in their recruitment. We also wanted to gain a better understanding of employers’ views and expectations on international experiences.

This Faktaa – Facts and Figures 1/2014 summarises the key findings of the research project.

32 p.

Series: Faktaa - Facts and Figures

Issue: 1/2014

Published at: 2014

ISSN: 1798-3649 (printed)

ISSN: 1798-3657 (pdf)

ISBN: 978-951-805-596-2 (printed)

ISBN: 978-951-805-597-9 (pdf)

Type of document: Studies and reports

Publication: Faktaa - Facts and Figures 1/2014: Hidden Competences (pdf)