News on the new HE development cooperation programme

The North-South-South (NSS) and the Higher Education Institutions' Institutional Cooperation Instrument (HEI ICI) will be merged. A clear results framework has been set for the programme period 2016–2018. Projects will focus on the partner countries of Finland’s bilateral development cooperation. The total funding in the programme period will be EUR 12,700,000. Read more from the MFA website.

Recommendations of the evaluation on Finland’s support to higher education institutions North-South-South and HEI ICI programmes

Ministry of Foreign Affairscommissioned anevaluationin 2014 on Finland's support tohigher education institutionsregarding theNorth-SouthandSouth-HEIICIprograms.The evaluationis based oninterviews andwritten materialin Finland, as well as in field workin Vietnam, Kenya andSouth Africa.The results ofthe evaluationwas published ina public launch in Helsinki on17.6.2014.During the autumn,the findings and recommendationsof the evaluation were discussedat MFAin so-calledmanagement'sdecisionexploratoryworking group, with representation from various departments of the ministry. The working group's draft decision was approved bythe managementof the department of the development policy in January 2015.

Workshops during spring 2015 organized by CIMO

During spring 2015 CIMO organized three workshops targeted to development cooperation practitioners at Finnish HEIs, related to the planning of the new higher education development cooperation instrument. In March workshop themes concentrated on the result based management development process and program-level indicators, two-stage application process, activities to be supported and the electronic application and reporting system. Workshop in May focused on funding and financial administration in the new programme. Different funding models of funding programs were discussed, as well as the utilization of the total cost model in development cooperation projects. From these meetings and discussions backgroundmaterial was preparedto supportthe designof the new programme.

Workshop materials: