Accessibility grant

Students or higher education staff with a disability may be eligible for additional financial support to help them take part in international mobility. This support will be in addition to a mobility grant.

Accessibility grants are intended to enable international mobility in circumstances when an injury, impairment, illness, learning difficulty or other special need causes such additional costs as are not covered by other sources.

The grant can be awarded to accessible accommodation, assisted mobility or such study-related special arrangements as learning materials.

Who is eligible

You can apply for an accessibility grant if you are planning to take part in

  • student exchange
  • teacher or staff exchange
  • intensive courses
  • network meetings

Grants are applicable in the following programmes: Erasmus+, FIRST+ and Nordplus.

How to apply

Accessibility grants have a rolling deadline. The grant application form is enclosed. Students or higher education staff members and the Finnish partner institution shall each fill in their own sections of the form. The application will be sent to the Finnish National Agency EDUFI for Education by the Finnish higher education institution.

As the need and nature of support varies from one person to another, EDUFI will review each case individually.

EDUFI will award the grant to the Finnish partner institution, which will forward the grant to outgoing/incoming students and staff members.

Getting ready

If you plan to head abroad, start getting ready in good time, at least 6 months before departure. This applies to individuals and institutions alike. Not only do you need to apply for support, but it also takes time before you have all the necessary information from the host institution, including details of any special arrangements.

Use the checklist

EDUFI has compiled together with the Finnish ESOK network (Higher Education Access & Disability) a checklist to be used both students and institutions. The enclosed Checklist for Exchange Students and Higher Education Institutions may also serve as a template for institutions’ own guidelines.

More information is also available from the programme co-ordinators at the Finnish National Agency for Education.