European Union programmes

Erasmus+ Programme

Finnish National Agency for Eeducation is in charge of the administration and implementation of Erasmus+ in Finland. The programme covers the whole spectrum of education, targeting pupils and students; teachers, trainers and other teaching staff; as well as organisations and other bodies involved in education and training.

As the national agency of the Erasmus+, Finnish National Agency for Education gives information on the programme, provides assistance with application, manages the selection of projects, supports and monitors their implementation and gives out information on the results of the programme.

If you are interested in taking part in the Erasmus+, please contact the national agency in your own country.

Finnish Aational Agency for Education is also the national Euroguidance centre in Finland. The Euroguidance network links together the careers guidance systems in Europe.

Finnish Aational Agency for Education is also the national coordinator for the Eurodesk information network in Finland, funded through the Erasmus+ Youth in Action programme.

Creative Europe Programme

Finnish Aational Agency for Education is the Finnish coordinating body for the Creative Europe Programme of the EU. Together with the Finnish Film Foundation (Media sub-programme), Finnish Aational Agency for Education provides information and advice on the funding possibilities of the Creative Europe (Culture sub-programme).

Culture programme supports European projects within the fields of culture, arts and creative industries, the translation of literature, European prizes and the European Capitals of Culture.

Europe for Citizens Programme

Finnish Aational Agency for Educationis responsible for providing information about the Europe for Citizens programme. The programme seeks to promote dialogue and active participation among European citizens and to strengthen a sense of European identity.