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Kumppaninhakuja vuoden 2017 hakukierroksille.

Euroopan kulttuuriperinnön teemavuoteen 2018 liittyvät hankkeet

  • Akershus County Council (Section for Cultural Heritage), Norway
    The project proposed aims at reinforcing a sense of belonging to a common European space, by showcasing how cooperation and trade routes have affected cultural identity in three countries, and beyond.
  • DAH Theatre International, Serbia
    The main goal of the project is, by using different cultural activities, to signify the Vinča civilization and Neolithic cultural heritage.
  • Association of Historic Towns of Slovenia, Slovenia
    We would like to create a 'European wide festival of a selected existing quality local events taking place in historic sites (preferably historic towns)' but adding them a new fresh dimension.
  • Mission Louvre-Lens Tourism, France
    Mission Louvre-Lens Tourism wishes to exchange good practices with similar European destinations with a strong industrial heritage. The aim is a new vision of cultural and industrial tourism for 2018 –European year for Heritage- within the framework of a new European project.
  • Fortress of Culture Šibenik, Croatia
    Within the context of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018; Fortress of Culture is looking to participate in a cooperation project with the aim of developing audience, improving accessibility of cultural monuments to general public etc.
  • Social Cooperative Enterprise Cinesthesia, Greece
    We are looking to be a partner in a project. We would like to work together with three other European cities that at a precise historic time lived that "happy moment" of cultural development as a result of economic progress not in the isolation but in close interaction with Europe.

Pienet ja suuret yhteistyöhankkeet

  • “REVENUE PROMOTION” Ltd, Kiev, Ukraine
    The main idea of the brand “U!ZAHVATI” is to give a room for the theatrical performance wherever a human being may be, covering a broad agenda of his activities. The targeted public is young people audience (from 18 to 35 years old). By the means of unobtrusive and entertaining performance we aim to conduct a dialogue with the audience about spiritual and eternal values. As well as to trigger a cultural response of the society to the actual humankind challenges, such as overwhelming dominance of visual content, lack of silence and idle talks, values supplanting.
  • Ukrainian National Tchaikovsky Academy of Music, Kiev
    “Youth and Cultural Heritage” is a collaborative project between youth orchestras across Europe and orchestras, festivals, cultural institutions and institutions in the higher music education sector in order to celebrate a European Year of Cultural Heritage and develop strong connection between youth and cultural heritage.
  • Intangia Association, Navarra, Spain
    The aim is to forge as many alliances as possible with European cultural and artistic entities interested in having tools to manage their copyrights individually. This cooperation project intends to promote training workshops and meetings where needs are analyzed, practical workshops to apply self-management systems, to promote the tools at a technological level and to obtain useful information for the valuation of copyrights, taking the opportunity to carry out joint creative activities to promote both the authors and the project.
  • Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage in Kraljevo, Serbia
    The subject of the Hiking Heritage Trails (working title) is the establishment of a new business model of cooperation between institutions of heritage protection and sports outdoor associations for hiking, tracking, mountain biking, cycling, running, skiing etc. The objectives of the project are the interpretation of cultural heritage and raising awareness about the significance of cultural heritage as an important resource of common EU area.
  • Pro Media Production, Belgrade, Serbia
    The project will encourage and help LGBT individuals to start their business in culture and creative sectors. The project will produce a manual/handbook that can later on be of help and service to other institutions that would engage in similar projects and at the same time would note and record the life stories of LGBT individuals who will be a part of this project, as a unique form of cultural heritage for future generations.
  • Arhitext Design Foundation, Bucharest, Romania
    The project will involve governmental and non-governmental organisations, foundations or constituted groups, active in the fields of architecture, the built environment, or other collateral fields. The project will be developed as a process of critical exploration, survey, evaluation and dissemination of contemporary architecture.
  • Natural History Museum of Belgrade, Serbia
    The project is based on an interdisciplinary approach through the fields of culture, biology, agriculture, economics, ethnology and others. It will primarily focus on the development of the business model in the field of cultural heritage, and in addition, numerous exhibitions, presentations, educational programs, research work, fairs, conferences, etc.
  • Treci Trg Publishing House, Serbia
    The aim is to create an educational program for young translators, and at the same time, to promote the contemporary poetry of Europe through translations.
  • First Fortnight, Ireland
    We want to organize a festival with satellite events focused on mental health and the arts.
  • Serbian Literary Society, Serbia
    We search for ways to improve status of socially imperiled writers by connecting at the European level and by the exchange of experiences and cooperation.
  • Musicamera, Portugal
    Locations and Dislocations seeks to express, renew and recreate European experience and cultural heritage with an emphasis on the stories which constitute our sense of place and displacement - stories to be told, re-told and re-invented through musical projects which have the relationship between artist and community at their core.
  • Le Monde des Possibles, Belgium
    We want to develop a young migrant cultural cooperative based on a transnational learning method by peer review experiences. We are looking for cultural centers, theaters, artistic schools, artists, cultural partners/facilities with potential migrant publics interested by the promotion of their cultural skills. Professionals unions/circular economy operators and trade unions interested by the cooperative model in the cultural field/artistic issues.
  • Center for Culture and Education Bozidarac, Romania
    We would like to be a partner on a project which could include lifelong learning in its activities. Our idea is to develop new courses so students can have an opportunity to update and develop their knowledge and skills for creative industries. In addition, we want to get involved in a project whose objective is audience development.
  • GAP Artistic Agency Community Enterprise Ltd., Poland
    We would like to participate as a partner in projects which focus on music, fine arts, theater, creative industries, cultural education, economy of art, business etc.
  • Southampton Solent University, UK
    Southampton Solent University are interested in partnering on a projects in the field of Visual Arts and Creative Retail (Re:So) Gallery (Showcase. Areas of expertise include: Research, Enterprise and Innovation. Support for early career artists, residencies, digital product development for audience engagement, Participatory arts. Internationalizing emerging artist’s careers.
  • CUMEDIAE - Culture & Media Agency Europe, Belgium
    This project aims to create an opportunity to unearth the urban imprints of Jewish cultural heritage and to give to the European citizens the opportunity to discover them. It combines a focus around Jewish heritage and its traces in the European urban landscape, withartistic photography and the use of virtual/augmented reality.
  • Creative and Tech School Projector, Ukraine
    Creative and tech school (graphic design, digital-marketing, product management, programming etc.), coworking space, online media on graphic design.
  • Angels Post Service, Ukraine
    A cultural exchange between European & Ukrainian elderly women, especially in nursery homes - our angels, grandmas, who keep a connection between generations, preserve and transfer national traditions by making traditional handcrafting.
  • University of Economy, Bydgoszcz, Poland
    Fields: architecture, heritage, film literacy, festival, photography etc.The project assumes the exchange of artistic and cultural potential between 6 cities of 6 different countries. The leader of the project will be the University of Economy in Bydgoszcz, while partnership will include cities from the following Baltic Countries: Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
  • POINT Cultural Hub, Bucharest, Romania
    We are interested in joining either a smaller scale or a larger scale cooperation project building on Creative Europe’s priorities of transnational mobility, audience development and capacity building – especially new business models & education and training. We are particularly interested in projects looking at the mission and role of today’s arts and culture hubs in Europe, at exchanging practices, management and business models, but also at how they articulate and develop their own long-term artistic curatorial programmes.
  • Musical Theatre Network, Albania
    "Broadway Albania” is an organization focused on musical theatre and interested in cooperation projects call, in the field of performative arts (theatre). They would like to join a project as a partner, lead by an experienced organization in this field.
  • Music International Summer Academy – MISA, Tbilisi, Georgia
    “Young Musicians International Association of Georgia” implements the project “Music International Summer Academy” which is oriented to expand the frames of the academy and involve partner countries from Europe in order to bring young musical talents from different cultures together.
  • ”Lucian Blaga” University Library of Sibiu, Romania
    ”Lucian Blaga” University Library wants to be a partner in a smaller-scale cooperation project initiated and submitted by another organisation, ideally from Central or South-Eastern Europe (digital libraries, museums, research centres, other relevant cultural institutions). They are particularly interested in projects dealing with photography (its social and cultural history from the 1840s to 1918).
  • Culture and Sports Association PAOK, Cyprus
    We are a culture organisation with volunteers in a local community in Cyprus. Voluntarism and culture together can create social capital that is an essential aspect to the coherence of a society. Therefore a European project promoting cultural aspects like dancing, songs, music, traditional handicrafts and occupations can assist the sustainability of European Values. The idea is to implement pan-European Folklore/Heritage Festivals. Each partner will organize a folklore festival in its city/community and also will participate in others’ partners’ festivals.
  • Vivre dans le feu, France
    Où ? (“where” in English) is a project initiated by the French theatre company Vivre dans le feu. It is an experimental laboratory which aims to immerse audiences in the process of an artistic creation: « making a poem from one's own life. » We’d like to test this process on a wide range of audiences: School children, the elderly, urban and rural populations… That’s why we want to open this laboratory in the cultural sector but also the educational, medical and business sectors.
  • Afesmo, Spain
    Cultural organization “Afesmo” would like to partner in any project related to disabled professionals/audiences and inclusive arts. They organize cultural activities for people with mental illnesses and have just been selected in an Erasmus+ project.
  • Laterna Magica, Hungary
    Laterna Magica is searching for partners for a small-scale cooperation project EPIC (European Photography Incubator). They already have partners from Albania, Poland and Hungary. They would prefer organisations like photography schools/universities, photography/visual museums, photo institutes and NGOs.
  • Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Salamanca, Spain
    Art workshops in schools, libraries, museums, and other alternative to institutional spaces. Exhibitions of student art and citizens. Design of new didactic resources like guides, CDs, online activities, etc. Meetings between professionals of art, artistic spaces and artistic education. Managing projects of applied research for artists and users of contemporary art.
  • Les Dissonances, France
    Improve the classical music field’s capacity to innovate and invent new approaches.
  • La Renaissance - Mondeville, France
    The project aims at producing documentary theatre works dealing with the current migration crisis in Europe, with a focus on the particular problems faced by refugees who are minors. Involving a theater director and three or four other artists such as photographer, author, documentary film maker, etc., the process is implemented by a multidisciplinary group.
  • Riga Photo Biennial, Latvia
    Photography, contemporary photography, contemporary art, multimedia, festivals, education, networking
  • Croatian cluster of competitiveness of creative and cultural industries, Croatia
    The goal of the project is to connect towns with historic city centres to together develop strategies of urban revitalization for the historic city centres, with focus on developing new innovative bussines models for CCI sector as a new driver of urban development and developing and engaging new audiences-local rezidents and tourists.
  • FILAF, France
    With its experience, FILAF wants to develop a new European project: a federation bringing together all the actors in the art book chain. Publishers, art centers, museums and galleries publish artbooks and work with printers, bookbinders and graphic designers. So there is an important market not federated. The objective of this federation is to bring quality criteria by encouraging its members to work together and develop more fluidity between them. It also aims to promote trilingualism in order to develop European interactions by circumventing the dominant languages.
  • Lyon Opera, France
    Inspired by experiences of the building industry, the project’s concept is simple: it is about designing and constructing opera and theatre sets like banks of materials (see for example the 20I20 Park in Amsterdam). It could also concern cinema industry if we find proper partners. This is an innovative project leading to a change of model and implying cross-sector skills and partnerships. It would be implemented over about 3 years or seasons.
  • Memorial park Kragujevacki oktobar, Serbia
    Performing arts, cultural heritage, visual arts, publishing, antiwar studies, communication, modern art, all type of curator practice.
  • Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Belgrade, Serbia
    Digitization of cultural/artistic heritage, visual arts. Future activities are focused on realization of projects which digitized academic legacy affirm among young people, such as: 1.creation of short videos that through the contemporary form of montage, animations and digitally created original music, represent the materials (phenomena) of the past related to the Academy/Faculty of Fine arts in Belgrade; 2. creation of applications for mobile phones relating to the artistic heritage.

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