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Tälle sivulle kootaan tiedusteluja, joissa haetaan kumppaneita Luova Eurooppa -ohjelman yhteistyöhankkeisiin tai eurooppalaisiin foorumeihin.

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Kumppaninhakuja syksyn 2018 hakukierrokselle

Organisaatio Hanke Ala
Sommerblut Kulturfestival e.V., DE European intercultural performance project that wants to throw a glance at political, sociocultural as well as religious crises that are diagnosed throughout Europe Intercultural performance
The Health and Culture Department at Aalborg Municipality, DK Project creates a framework for a creative, productive and market-oriented music environment. (Rhythmic) music, entrepreneurship
The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, UK Activating Literary Collections Online Heritage, culture, digitasation
Grupo Coral Ossónoba, Portugal Bringing artistic expressions to the city centres, connection with the cultural heritage and participation of the audience Music, performance
Plunge Library, Lithuania Preserving, representing and developing management skills of the cultural heritage Heritage
University of Rome “TOR VERGATA", Italy European cooperation network aimed at internationalizing and consolidating the ORMETE network - orality, memory and theatre Theater, festival, memory, oral history, performing arts
La Bilancia soc. coop., Italy EUROCOMEDIES, co-writing, producing and touring of the European Comedy play Theater, comedy
Love.Audio.Stories, Ireland European podcast network Audio Production, Podcasts
Department of Theatre Studies University of Patras, Greece Reintroducing orality (art of speech /oral tradition) as a form of art in the everyday activities of everyone Theatre and literature (for children and adults), oral tradition
NNLE Propaganda, Georgia Raising awareness about the potentials of art, when intervened in wider ecosystem and mixed with natural resources Visual arts, Experimental art, Multidisciplinary art, Ecology, Science
The Art Palace, Georgia Textile workshops restoring the esthetic principles of historical Georgian textiles, virtual museum Decorative arts & Craftwork, digital art
Villette Makerz, France REUSING – RECYCLING - REDUCING Social and sustainable design
Studio6 – Contemporary music collective, Serbia Bringing creative musicians together, through series of workshops, performances, master classes, documentation music, contemporary, classical, improvisation, instrumental, acoustic, electronic art music
Puck Puppet Theatre, Cluj-Napoca, Romania Developing creative, sustainable relationships between theatres, companies, cultural associations in the field of animation theatre Puppetry, Theatre, Street Art, Theatre Festivals
Barcelona Provincial Council, Spain TRAD & NOVA 6X6: cross fertilising popular and traditional culture Intangible Cultural Heritage
Zagreb Dance Center, Croatia High-quality, professional performance for the young, familiarizing the audience with contemporary dance through creative workshops and discussions Contemporary dance, audience development
Images30, France Exprime: a project of virtualisation of museums whose goal is to promote museums across Europe Virtual reality
Kaunas City Chamber Theatre, Lithuania Increasing the accessibility of culture in the community environment Theatre, performance, interdisciplinary arts, outdoor arts, community arts
La Maison de l’architecture en Île-de-France, Le collectif Kurbis, France New professional practices around the notion of use to support construction stakeholders in the design of living spaces of tomorrow Architecture, design, data, sociology, ecology
ROSE Stories & Flanders Literature, The Netherlands More diversity in children’s literature by engaging writers and illustrators from different backgrounds Children & young adult literature
Regional Landscapes in the Province of Antwerp, Netherlands E/ART/H: a new audience to nature and also culture to the familiar public of the open space Art, culture, heritage, nature, landscape
Acesso Cultura, Portugal Project related to access – physical, social and intellectual – to cultural venues and the cultural offer Cultural access
Institute on Social Dynamics, Greece E2CP: exploitingcreative forms of Street Art as a tool that could help to increase the distinctiveness, uniqueness and attractiveness of city parts Performing arts (street art), visual arts (video, photography)

    Hankkeisiin osallistumisesta kiinnostuneita

    Organisaatio Hanke Ala
    Serbian-Aromanian association “Lunjina”, Serbia Looking for partnership in the field of performing and researching old folk and traditional music and folklore Traditional musi, folklore
    Sarajevo City Hall - Vijećnica, Bosnia and Herzegovina Bringing/touring art productions of highest artistic and aesthetical value in the region of Balkans Music, performing arts, exhibitions, events
    Pozoriste Lektira / Theatre Reading, Serbia Theatres or organisations working with young people Performing arts, theatre, education, audience development
    City of Šabac, Serbia A project dealing with involuntary migration Cultural heritage/ oral history, involuntary migration, virtual and augmented Reality, audience development
    The Nicolae Mantu Cultural Foundation, Romania Nicolae Mantu Cultural Foundation wishes to be a partner in projects in the field of culture and fine arts, dramatic art, visual arts, etc Culture and arts
    Úbiqa: technology, ideas and communication, Spain We offer ourselves to take part in a small cultural cooperation project related to digital narratives cocreation and any project interested in audience development. Narrative co-creation, audience development, interdisciplinary
    PerArtem, Slovenia Building a long-term partnership in field of Culture with special emphasis on classical music Classical music, art song
    City Council of Ourense, Spain projects on the field of creative industry, cultural management programmes or interdisciplinary field of the creative industries Interdisciplinary, cultural management, creative

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