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Literature Across Frontiers / Literary Europe Live Platform

Kuva: Literature Across Frontiers / Literary Europe Live Platform

Eurooppalaiset foorumit

EU:n Luova Eurooppa -ohjelmasta on vuosina 2014, 2015 ja 2017 myönnetty rahoitusta yhteensä viidelletoista Euroopan-laajuisille foorumille.

Foorumien tarkoituksena on vahvistaa eri alojen toimijoiden verkostoitumista sekä tukea nuorten, uransa alkuvaiheessa olevien taiteilijoiden ja kulttuurin ammattilaisten kansainvälistymis- ja esiintymismahdollisuuksia.

Useissa foormeissa toteutetaan vuosittain avoimia hakuja.


  • Future Architecture
    Koord. Museum of Architecture and Design (Slovenia)
    Future Architecture
    is the first pan-European platform of architecture museums, festivals and producers, bringing ideas on the future of cities and architecture closer to the wider public.
  • Distributed Design Market Platform
    Koord. Institut d'Arquitectura Avancada de Catalunya (Espanja)


  • E-merging Creativity - Versopolis
    Koord. Beletrina – Academic Press (Slovenia)
    Versopolis is a European poetry platform that offers new opportunities for emerging European poets and aims to create a unique, Europe-wide platform where these poets can be profiled.
  • Literary Europe Live
    Koord. Aberystwyth University (Iso-Britannia)
    Literary Europe Live (LEuL) brings together sixteen literary festivals and venues from around Europe to foster and encourage programming that reflects the richness and diversity of the European literary landscape. It also highlights and supports outstanding emerging literary talent and develops live and digital audiences for writing in translation.


  • European Talent Exchange Programme
    Koord. Stichting Noorderslag (Alankomaat), Suomesta foorumiin osallistuu Music Finland.
    aims to stimulate the circulation of European repertoire on festivals, on radio and across the media in Europe.
  • Fedora Platform
    Koord. FEDORA - The European Circle of Philanthropists of Opera & Ballet (Ranska)
    Fedora Platform
    is committed to supporting and contributing to the future of opera and ballet by assemblying opera and ballet enthusiasts, Fedora supports innovation, creativity and emerging artists in the field of opera and ballet through the FEDORA Prizes.
  • Liveurope
    Koord. Ancienne Belgique (Belgia)
    is an initiative supporting concert venues in their efforts to promote up-and-coming European artists. The platform works as a quality label awarded to live music venues committing to European diversity. The objective of Liveurope is to boost the programming of young European acts across the continent and help them reach new audiences.


  • CircusNext PLaTFoRM
    Koord. Jeunes Talents Cirque (Ranska)
    CircusNext PLaTFoRM
    aims at imagining and building together a European contemporary circus by identifying, supporting, and touring emerging singular creators who invent and propose new writings.


  • Aerowaves
    Koord. Aerowaves (Iso-Britannia). Suomesta foorumiin osallistui vuosina 2014-2017 Zodiak - Uuden tanssin keskus.
    Aerowaves creates cross-border performance opportunities for emerging choreographers. The network shares resources and insights and actively enhances connections between dance artists, programmers and audiences across Europe.


  • European Media Art Platform (EMAP)
    Koord. Werkleitz Gesellschaft e.V. (Saksa). Suomesta foorumiin osallistuu m-Cult.
    EMAP annually awards production grants to outstanding European media artists and supports research, production, presentation and distribution of media art in Europe and beyond.
  • Magic Carpets
    Koord. Kaunas Biennale (Liettua)
    Magic Carpets brings artists and creators together with partners’ organisations. Established festivals will rethink their activities in relation to staying relevant to the audience nowadays and establishing long-term relationships in the face of social and digital transitions, and evaluate how artistic processes and civil society engagement can become mutually inspiring activities and improve communal life of European cities and regions.
  • PARALLEL- European Photo Based Platform
    Koord. Procur.Arte Associacao Cultural e Social (Portugali). Suomesta foorumiin osallistuu Suomen Valokuvataiteen museo.


  • IN SITU Platform
    Koord. Association Lieux publics Centre national de creation des art de la rue (Ranska)
    brings together a group of programmers who are passionate about new forms of art and public space.
  • SHAPE (Sound, Heterogenous Art and Performance in Europe)
    Koord. MeetFactory o.p.s (Tsekki)
    SHAPE is a platform for innovative music and audiovisual art from Europe. It consists of 16 festivals and art centres and aims to support, promote and exchange innovative and aspiring musicians and interdisciplinary artists with an interest in sound. SHAPE attempts to present a variety of idiosyncratic music and sonic art from all over Europe, and provide audiences and professionals with insightful lectures, talks and workshops by experts in various fields related to sound and performance.