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United Nations Development Programmme UNDP

Istanbul, Turkey

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BES-Net/BIOFIN intern: CIMO Special Intern working on the global Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Network (BES-Net) and on the UNDP Biodiversity Finance Initiative (BIOFIN)

Global Policy Centre on Resilient Ecosystems and Desertification (GC-RED),
UNDP Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia, Istanbul, Turkey

Harjoitteluaika 6 kk, aloitus vuoden 2017 alussa 15.1.2017 jälkeen, harjoittelija sopii harjoittelun ajankohdan työnantajan kanssa


Closely aligned with IPBES areas of work and capacity building needs, the Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Network (BES-Net) is a capacity building network of networks that promotes dialogue between science, policy and practice for more effective management of biodiversity and ecosystems, contributing to long-term human well-being and sustainable development.

BES-Net focuses on a number of thematic and methodological issues at the nexus of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (BES) and climate change, such as Ecosystem-based Adaptation to Climate Change (EbA) and Resilience. BES-Net also addresses a number of other BES issues that have important co-benefits for climate change and sustainable development, such as Land Degradation and Restoration, Pollination and Food Production or Indigenous and Local Knowledge.

The network is supported by face-to-face capacity building activities (the BES-Net “trialogues”), a matchmaking facility, and a cutting-edge web portal, all components being mutually reinforcing.

As a signature product of UNDP’s work in biodiversity and ecosystems, BES-Net harnesses its capacity building expertise at the country-level, capitalizes on the accumulated knowledge of best practices and challenges in the field, and brings practitioners into the science-policy arena.

In implementing its mandate, BES-Net is following an inclusive approach and collaborating with various partners.

> The purpose of this internship is to assist the BES-Net team in managing the Trialogue component of BES-Net and in particular in organising the first BES-Net Trialogue, to support the development of new BES-Net knowledge products and support overall BES-Net communication activities.

The Biodiversity Finance Initiative (BIOFIN) develops and pilots a new approach and methodology for leveraging increased biodiversity investments.

BIOFIN currently works in 30 countries supporting governments in reviewing policies and institutions relevant for biodiversity finance, determining baseline investment and assessing the costs of implementing National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans, quantifying the biodiversity finance gap. BIOFIN aims to implement comprehensive national resource mobilization strategies at national level.

> The intern will play a key role in strengthening the cooperation between BES-Net and BIOFIN, and in particular on the moderation of the Biodiversity Finance module of the BES-Net web-portal and on the creation of new knowledge and policy-relevant products in this area of work. The intern may also be asked to explore other areas of collaboration of the UNDP GEF and of the UNDP portfolio in the region with BES-Net.

Work to be done

Assist with the organisation of the first Trialogue, in collaboration with the UNDP Regional Office and Bureau and relevant UNDP country Offices, through:
  • Becoming familiar with the BES-Net project;
  • Supporting the finalisation of the methodology for the Trialogues;
  • Being involved in the logistics of the event and liaising with partners;
  • Helping with the documentation and participants list for the first Trialogue;
  • Managing the web-pages of the website supporting the organisation and communication around the first event;
  • Supporting the PR and communication activities around the event;
  • Support monitoring and evaluation efforts.

Manage the BES-Net web-portal, with a focus on Biodiversity Finance, and the development of new BES-Net knowledge products through:
  • Support to the moderation of the BES-Net web-portal, and in particular its Biodiversity Finance module: suggestions, requests and feedback from users, questions to experts, forum discussion, etc. as well as the BES-Net social media accounts.
  • Undertake research to constantly updated the content of the portal with new knowledge products and experts, and support the development of new knowledge products and policy-oriented products following request from BES-Net users;
  • Liaising with the BIOFIN team on relevant issues.

Support BES-Net and BIOFIN communication activities
  • Support the communication activities of BES-Net through the development of dissemination material, contribution to events and through managing its contacts database, and newsletters.
  • Support the development of communication and knowledge management products and develop summary reports for BIOFIN.

Supervisor: BES-Net Coordinator and BIOFIN Deputy Director



Bachelor’s degree in relevant field and currently enrolled in a Master’s study (Social Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Communications, etc.) or Master´s Degree (1.4.2016 or later)

  • Knowledge of website content management, online communication, networking and collaboration tools; and /or
  • Knowledge or an understanding of monitoring and evaluation; and/or
  • Knowledge or an understanding of events organisation; and /or
  • Knowledge or experience in communication.

  • Strong verbal/written communication skills in English
  • Strong verbal/written communication skills in Russian highly desirable
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