EDUFI-harjoittelupaikat kevät 2019

Uruguay, Montevideo ja Fray Bentos


2 placements:

1. Education, International Affairs or Development Studies. Advanced student.

2. Bachelor of English Teaching, Finnish Teaching, Finnish Culture, or Applied Social Sciences students.

Maa Uruguay - Employer ANEP National Administration of Public Education
Various Fields of Study

6 months from the beginning of February 2019 on.


1. placement:

Assist the Management in the fulfillment of the objectives set by the Institution.

Assist in the design, monitoring, implementation, systematization and evaluation of agreements, programs, projects and international cooperation actions; guaranteeing the reach of the proposed objectives and their sustainability over time.
Assist in the organization of meetings, events, conferences and / or dissemination activities.
Prepare reports, notifications and other documents.

The specific projects in which the student will work, will be agreed between the student and the management at the beginning of the traineeship.

2. placement:

ANEP offers to carry out sister school projects between primary, secondary and vocational schools in Fray Bentos (Uruguay) and Kouvola (Finland).

The student will: develop the project togeteher with the team of the educational institutions, working with the teachers, students and educational community from the Uruguayan schools in all the stages of the project and evaluate de process.

This will be the second phase of the project already being carried out with the help of a Finnish student.


1. placement:

Up to language-abilities experience in project based work, team work, proactivity.


Up to suitable study field mid/Advanced Spanish level. English language skills Training in work with children is preferable.

Palkka EDUFI-grant 1 000 €/month.
Työskentelykieli Spanish (main working language) and English.

1. placement:

Depending on exact time or arrival, there could be the possibility of a room in an appartment shared with other international consultants working for ANEP.

In case the room isn’t available, we would offer the student with assistance in the search of a room or apartment.


Depending on availability, ANEP could help find free accommodation in the student residency, run by the City Hall. The room provided could be shared with another student.

Harjoittelijan tulee hankkia vakuutus, joka on voimassa myös työskentelyaikana. Vakuutuksen hankkiminen on pakollista.
Lisätietoja lupa-asioihin liittyen Uruguayn suurlähetystöstä Helsingistä.

Harjoitteluyhteistyö Uruguayn kanssa on aloitettu tänä vuonna (2018). Pääset siis uraanuurtavaan EDUFI-harjoitteluun Uruguayssa ja smalla myös rakentamaan Suomen ja Uruguayn välistä yhteistyötä!

OBS Placement 2:

The sister schools project is an initiative from the Uruguayan Embassy in Finland that started in 2016. The original idea was to generate a sister cities project between Kouvola (Finland) and Fray Bentos (Uruguay), given the commercial linkages between both countries and the similarities that exist between both cities. Then, when the elementary school N° 2 from Fray Bentos was named “Republic of Finland”, the idea of the project transformed in order to also comprehend educational institutions.

The project was introduced to Fray Bentos city hall and the educational institutions of Fray Bentos by ANEP in 2016 in an interinstitutional meeting where it was well received.

In 2017, thanks to the work of the Uruguayan Embassy in Uruguay, ANEP informed the educational institutions of Fray Bentos about the possible educational institutions from Kouvola that could join in the project.

During 2018, with the help of a Finnish student working in Uruguay in the frame of EDUFI’s Traineeship program, the sister school project is starting to develop with a great enthusiasm from both countries.

The role of the next Finnish student will be that of continuing and strengthening the initiated bonds.